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In all seriousness: Chicken Farming in Australia.

25 Apr

A roast chicken on a Sunday night. Does it get any more classic then that? Australia’s eat over 10 million chickens per week, and on average each Australian would eat one kilogram per week themselves. Given the sheer demand for the poultry, it is no wonder that the farming of these birds has come into the limelight recently.

A recent article on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program has exposed some of the inhumane and horrendous treatment of chickens as they are bread before being exported out to our supermarkets. The chickens in these sheds are so packed full of hormones and growth stimulants so they can grow to produce the most amount of meat as possible within a six week period. As a result of this, it is affecting their wellbeing. These chickens breast’s have grown so large that they are unable to walk, many of them cannot stand up or move, leading to infections and starvation as they cannot be move to feed themselves. Alarmingly, any chickens lay dead on the ground, while their feathery peers walk around them. These chickens eventually end up on our Sunday dinner tables.

Awareness to the way chickens are farmed is now slowly increasing, in that we see major supermarkets such as Coles releasing a range of ‘RSPCA approved’ chicken. For a chicken to be classed as RSPCA Approved, it comes from a farm with only 20% of the chickens within a shed that these other chicken farms would have, and the farmers try to make the sheds as comfortable as possible for the chickens. Although animal awareness comes at a price. Buying RSPCA approved chicken from a supermarket will cost consumers usually 15% more than regular chicken.

The fair treatment of chickens in farms is not only important for animal justice, but there are health benefits of eating free range chicken as well. Not only does it taste better than the regular, cheaper chicken found in the shelves, it is proven to be better for you. The meaning of free-range is that the chickens are able to run free through farming paddocks and are not restricted by sheds and cages. This is turn encourages movement and promotes muscle development, which we all know means less fat and leaner, tastier chicken.

Always remember, you are what you eat. So spend the extra dollar and get the better option.

Watch the full story here!


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