Who is Isabella?

Welcome to Nigella Rhymes With Isabella, a hub of delicious goodness delivered by myself, a 22 year old full time banker, part time student, cook & dreamer.

Since I was old enough to lick the beaters of the mix-master, I have always had a passion for good honest food and on this blog I will share my foody ideas and recipes with you all, along with my thoughts on the gems of Perth’s food industry.

I gained my passion from food from my late grandmother, who’s kitchen was always the meeting place for everyone coming together. I am also inspired by Nigella Lawson, who holds a similar vision and passion about food as I do. She is a home-cook turned celebrity chef and author, who’s food is cooked form the soul for those she loved, and most importantly- good honest hearty food. She is the ultimate domestic goddess.

Baby Beaters

The avatar I have selected is a photo of me, sitting in my grandmothers kitchen, licking the beaters of the mix master as she had obviously just whipped up a cake. This is where my earliest and fondest memory of cooking comes from, my grandmothers kitchen. It represents where my passion has come from and the reason why I love to cook so much- to share my creations with family.

My cooking passion has followed a similar trajectory as Nigella Lawson’s- in that all her inspiration came from her grandmother. This is why a photo of my sitting in my grandmothers kitchen is so fitting to be the visual stamp across this page.

Avatar’s are such an important part of any web based site that involves interaction. This photograph will be the visual aid to every movement I have on my blog, and when commenting on others. This image will follow my breadcrumbs around in the blogosphere and is the visual component to the online identity that I have created.

This image is licensed under a copywrite license of Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. You may share my image with others as long as you do not edit it or use it for any commercial purpose, along with showing direct links back to myself. I have chosen this license as I am comfortable with others using my personal pictures, as long as there are clear links to the owner. Also, I do not wish for people to be able to edit or manipulate a baby photo of myself.


If you would like to learn more about copywrite licensing, click here.


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